Selling Your Home: A (Pre) Checklist

Selling Your Home: A (Pre) Checklist

So you are thinking about selling your home? The Chris Colina Home Team can help you get prepared for what you need to do in order to successfully sell your home. Although some things might seem trivial, following these steps will ensure that you are ready to list your home for sale, your home sells quickly, and that you are prepared for your next move.

Detach from the Home
Once you have the thought of selling your home, you need to emotionally detach from the home. It is now time to look towards your future home.

Plan Your Move
Looking towards the sale of your home, where will you be moving to? Do you need to obtain a new mortgage? Have you been prequalified? Have you gotten a payoff amount from your mortgage lender? Do you have a budget? Do you know what area you want to move to? It is important to know what your plans are before committing to the sale of your home.

Documentation & Paperwork
Find copies of your deed, surveys, insurances, HOA documents and information, warranties, agreements, recorded restrictions, and property tax information.

Declutter & Remove Personal Items
Remove as much clutter as possible so that prospective buyers can view a clean & spacious home. Organize closets and cabinets. Remove personal photos, buyers have an easier time imagining themselves living there.

Decide/Remove Items not Remaining with the Home
Decide what special upgrades and items you do not want to leave with the house. Love your new washer and dryer and want to take them with you? Now is the time to decide. Items not staying need to be specified in the listing and contract, so think about it now. If the item makes a big difference in appearance, maybe removing it completely is the best option.

Repair, Replace, Repaint
Now is the time to freshen up the paint, spruce up the yard, and really add to the curb and interior appeal of the house. Know of little items that haven’t been fixed, but are on your to do list? Now is the time to tackle all the little and big things that can add up and discourage buyers. Painting interior and exterior areas, redoing the landscaping, replacing bulbs or old light fixtures, recaulking and regrouping areas, fixing broken doors, windows, and screens, can all really add value to your home.

List with Me!
Ready to sell? Now is the time to list, contact me to get started!

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